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Boston Free Films: 10/14 to 10/21 - The Boston Screening Community
October 14th, 2012
09:43 am
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Boston Free Films: 10/14 to 10/21
This week isn't quite as packed as last week, but it's a pretty impressive week. Lots of films with filmmakers and some interesting documentaries and foreign films. And some free pre-Halloween screenings of "Rocky Horror" (perhaps with some live entertainment). Something for everyone!

Check out my Twitter feed (@bostonfreefilms) for any updates.


* Tufts Film Series screens "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" this afternoon and "The Avengers" and a film to be announced next weekend. Check tuftsfilmseries.com about Wednesday for updates.
* Today, Wellesley's Cinephile Sundays continue with "The Sacrifice".
* The Tufts Italian Film Series will screen "Now or Never" this afternoon.
* The Center for Arts at the Armory in Somerville will host "Not So Silent Sundays" featuring the films of George Méliès.
* The BPL Copley Square Monday Night Film Series continues with "The Americans on D-Day".
* Harvard will host the Wu Wenguang Memory Project Film Series with "Self Portrait at 47 KM" & "Treatment" on Monday and "Children's Village" and "Luo Village: Pitiless Earth and Sky" on Tuesday. Directors will be on hand for both nights.
* The Cafe at the Somerville Armory of the Arts will show episodes of "Charmed" on Monday night.
* The BPL South Boston Lugosi Film Series continues with "The Island of Lost Souls" on Tuesday afternoon.
* Tuesday, Harvard Divinity School will host a screening of "The Light in Her Eyes" with the director present.
* The BU Ibero-American Film Festival continues on Tuesday with "One, the Story of a Goal", "The Fantastic World of Juan Orol" on Thursday and "Guachimán" on Friday.
* The Arsenal Center for the Arts will screen "Our Mockingbird" on Tuesday.
* The UMass-Boston Film Series continues on Tuesday with "Girl Model".
* The Harvard Film Archive VES screenings continue on Tuesday with "Wild Night in El Reno" and "Old and New".

* The BPL Honan-Allston Midday Movie on Wednesday is "The Lake House".
* The Brookline Putterham Branch Midday Movies screening on Wednesday is "Sleepy Hollow".
* BPL West End Italian Heritage Month Film Series continues on Wednesday with "Il Divo".
* The BPL North End will screen "Mal'occhio" on Wednesday.
* MIT will screen "Tycoon: A New Russian" on Wednesday.
* On Wednesday, Medford High School will show "Who Cares About Kelsey?"
* Tufts Hillel will screen "Song of Life" with a speaker on Wednesday.
* Brandeis will screen "Soul of Justice: Shelton Henderson's American Journey" with the director Wednesday.
* Suffolk Modern Theatre will show "The Way" on Wednesday.
* The Lucy Parsons Center Radical Film Night continues on Wednesday with TBA  "Education Under Fire".
* Wednesday's Harvard Journalism Film Series continues with "Control Room".
* Tufts Library will screen "Marranos" on Wednesday night.
* The Coolidge Corner Library Senior Cinema series continues on Thursday afternoon with "The Last Hurrah".
* The BPL Copley Square Never Too Late Group will screen "Frantic" on Thursday.
* On Thursday, BATV/Brookline Library Bibliophile Cinema continues with "10 Things I Hate About You".
* BPL South Boston Creeps Film Series continues on Thursday with "Mad Love".
* MIT Urban Planning Film Series continues with "The Age of Stupid".
* On Thursday, Harvard Kennedy School will show "We're Not Broke".
* The monthly Rule 19 screening on Thursday is "Che Guevara - Where You'd Never Imagine Him" and "Che: Rise and Fall".
* On Thursday, Northeastern will host a screening of "Bell Rung" with a panel including former Green Bay Packer. RSVP required.
* Harvard Kennedy School will screen "Electoral Dysfunction" on Thursday with the filmmaker on hand. RSVP requested.
* BC will screen "Girl Model" on Thursday night.
* The BPL South End Noir Film Series continues with "Strangers on a Train" on Friday afternoon.
* Scandinavian Cultural Center Transitions starts on Friday with "Songs From the Second Floor" and continues on Saturday with recent Scandinavian short films and "The Sunshine Boy".
* MIT LSC will screen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" twice on both Friday and Saturday night.
* On Saturday, Somerville CAT will host a home movie screening day.
* Harvard Film Archive will show "Warriors of the Rainbow" on Saturday afternoon.
* Tufts French Film Experience kicks off its season next Sunday with "Welcome".
* Northeastern will screen "Shift Change" next Sunday with the filmmakers present.

ON TWITTER @ http://twitter.com/BostonFreeFilms

NOTE: If you are copying this list, please give a little credit to the source.

This is a partial listing. See the complete calendar online. There are two ways to access it:

* Directly through the link HERE
* Add the calendar through Google Calendar. Search for Joe's BFF -- Boston Free Films (any phrase should find it) and you can incorporate it with your own calendar.

Here are the highlights of free films for the next week from the Boston area. Please let me know of changes, additions and new sources of films. I am always looking for new free cinema.

Check for last minute changes or contact the organizers to make sure events are still happening.

Happy viewing.

For directions, try these sites:

MIT: Campus Map
Harvard: Campus Map
Tufts: Campus Map
BU: Campus Map

On Twitter: http://twitter.com/BostonFreeFilms

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